Wood Moisture Tester is used in moisture content test of wood fiber, bamboo article, woodenware, medicinal materials, tobacco, cotton, paper, etc. This device is integrated of measurer, monitor, power supply, circuit board, easy to use for quick indicating. It is portable for its small size and light weight.

Technical index

* Display format:light-emitting diode display, total 2×10 units
* Measurement range: Ⅰ.7-15%; Ⅱ.16-35%
* Measurement accuracy:±1 show value(moisture content)
* Working volt:direct current 15V(use one 10F-20 battery)
* Working conditions:wood temperature 0-40℃, RH < 85
* Weight:180g

Products Structure Desciption

Use method

1、Battery: Put a 15V battery into the cell box, with anode upwards.
2、Inspection: Short-circuit the left and right steel needle by connecting it with hand Or metal. When pressing Range buttonⅠ, the downmost luminous tube should light up, and the other tubes should not. Open-circuit the left and right steel needle (with no electric conductor connected). When pressing on the Range, all luminous tubes should not light up. Meeting all before-mentioned, it means it works well.
3、Measurement: Insert the four steel needles into the wood material in 6mm depth, press the Range button and read out the data beside the corresponding luminous position. If Range buttonⅠis pressed, read the left row; If Range buttonⅡ is pressed, read the right row.

Steel Needle

Inspection before use

How to replace battery?

Twist off the screw on the back

Inspect inner constructure

Replace the battery



On measuring, take note of the readings in the following several cases.
(1)When pressing Range buttonⅠ, if no luminous tube lights up, it means the reading is under 7%; if only the downmost tube lights up, it means the reading is above or equal 15%. You should change to Range Ⅱ, and to read out again.
(2)When pressing Range buttonⅡ, if no luminous tube lights up, it means the reading is under 16%,you should change to RangeⅠand to read out again. If only the downmost tube lights up, it means the reading is above or equal 35%.
(3)When pressing Range button Ⅰor Ⅱ, if two adjacent luminous tubes all light up, then take the average of the two readings. You can also increase and decrease the reading in proportion according to varied brightness.
(4)Change battery:If the above test cannot be fulfilled or the luminous tube lights up dimly, it means the battery’s volt is under 10V and should be replaced by a new one.。

Storage and Shipment

1. It should be stored in the clean and dry place, at RH < 85%, temperature 0~40℃. If long time no use, take off the battery. 2. Inside the mailed packing carton, it should be filled with shockproof material. On the outer packing, it should be marked with “downwards” ,’handle with care”, “caution against wet”. The packing should fit inland waterway transportation.

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