1. Three Stages of Quality Management:

1st Stage: spend money, Enterprises are required consumes resources to build a quality management system, including buy advanced production machines, testing equipments, set up quality management team and regulations, operation rules and guidance etc.
2nd stage: save money Good quality management reduces and eliminates defective products, rework and customers complaints, save a lot of unnecessary costs in the system.
3rd stage: make money Excellent quality is the base of famous brand, it builds the enterprise’s reputation and loyalty of customers, win a lot of opportunities in the market competition).
Unfortunately, many domestic desiccant companies are reluctant to spend money to invest and stop at the first stage.

2. Quality Management Needs Support of Top Leaders.

Quality management needs the highest attention and strongest support of the top leaders. The drive power comes from top to bottom. The leaders shall convey the quality and brand awareness to all the members, and investing a lot of resources, including money, human and material to create quality system.
Without these support, quality management will no doubt encounter kinds of barriers and resistance that can’t overcome. At last, it will become empty slogan and formalism.
Some people think that the quality management is QC department’s job and responsibility.
This is very superficial understanding. There are some leaders, who keep talking about the quality orally, but not really prepared to spend money and time on the quality system.

3 Build Quality Union, Share Profit With Suppliers.

Quality management should be started from the root and cover the whole supply chain.
No company can do this job independently inside their own house.
You should take your suppliers as alliances and partners, share profit and benefit with them. Don’t push your suppliers to the corner.
Without reasonable profit and cash flow, they will lose the drive force to improve the quality and you will suffer from their leaving or quality shortage.

4, Don’t save money in key production facilities

Production facilities are hen, products are eggs. A sick hen can’t produce health eggs. The decision-makers should not save money in the key production facilities.
You can save money from unnecessary expensive business dinners. It doesn’t matter your car is BMW or Volkswagen.
Remember, good facilities cost money. However, it is really a rewarding investment.
Unfortunately, in China, some people goes to wrong direction, spending too much money on building relationships, but doing best to save money when buying machines.
To them, the relationship is something related to honor and face.
In TopSorb’s value, the real honor comes from excellent product quality.

5. Ensure Quality Test Equipments Accurate

QC inspectors can’t do their jobs without precise test equipments, like doctors can’t do their jobs without good medical diagnostic equipments. Diagnostic equipments do not create health, but it helps doctors to detect disease.
If test equipment does not work precisely, it will mislead you and your suppliers from mistakes to mistakes, and then cause big loss more than what you thought.
TopSorb always prefer to purchase high precision test equipments. What is more, to ensure the equipments work in accurate conditions, every year, TopSorb invites official experts from metrological department to calibrate the equipments.

6. Excellent Designs Install Wheels Onto Quality System

Some people say that the product quality does not come from detection and testing, but from production. This is true, but not enough. Prior to production, there is design, which is often being ignored.
There are product design, package design, engineering design, process design, etc. These designs are reasonable or not, directly affect if the quality system can really run smoothly. Excellent design installs wheels onto the entire quality system, makes the system running fast and smoothly.
If wheels can be used, why not abandon the old way of lifting and pushing by hands?

7, Standardization, Visualization Quality standardization system includes:
1) build your own corporate standards, which fully refer to the related industry standards, national or international standards
2) build specification files of raw materials, semi-finished & finished products;
3) build standard files of the product’s composition, formulations, performance, weight, size and other technical indicators, give clear definitions of what is “qualified”, what is “unqualified”.
There is no small matter in the field of quality. Build Standardization system, post each quality details in writing, making them visible to all team members and workers.
For example, to control chromatic aberration is one of quality requirement of printing. The simplest way, is posting a standard color card with Pantone number at the job site, providing standardized definition in a visible way.

8. Quality Needs Toughness and Strong Will.

The quality responsibility should be put onto the shoulders of tough and strong-willed persons, who refuse to compromise even facing pressure. A weak and too easygoing personality is not suitable for this position.
Externally, when you find flaws from the delivered goods, facing the supplier’s soft request for acceptance by offering discount or bribery; internally, when you request rework on the substandard products, but receive no cooperation and response, how do you deal with that situation? It tests your mind.
If accept, you will get a smiling face and on-time production and delivery; if say No, maybe you will be treated with bad manners and a delayed production and delivery, and many other pressure from the system.
Only the strong-willed person will make the tough but right choice, because he knows, the customers will suffer from the choice of a Yes Man.

9. On-Site Management and Training

To production managers and QA managers, their main workplace should be in the production site, not office. One of important jobs is, to establish the workers' quality awareness, sense of responsibility and pride, by giving plenty of on-site training and education to the workers.
In TopSorb, all the workers were told that, our products are being exported to more than 20 countries, and many of our customers are large multinational companies and famous brands.
The products we made, is not only have the mission to build up TopSorb brand, but also on behalf of the dignity and image of “Made in China”.
Workers are not machines. Their enthusiasm comes from a sense of pride. With awareness that their work is so important and significant, they will work not only with hands, but also with their hearts.

10. Quality Needs Persistent Implementation

Quality management is not like falling into love, but should be a marriage with a whole life responsibility. Quality management is not hanging up a few banners, not chanting some slogans.
Standardization, visualization, on-site training and all other management methods and tools, needs persistent work and implementation, or they will not give you what you want.
The enterprise is like a running train, while the quality system is like the track.
How far and how long the train can go, it entirely depends on the length and strength of the track.

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