TopSorb’s customers are growing everyday. We are delighted to find:
1. More and more industries have demand of container moisture-proof;
2. Many of new customers were introduced by old customers.
We firmly believe, customers are the best spokesmen of our products.

Case 1: Baosteel Group’s Logistics carrier:

      Our company is the designated logistics carrier of BAOSTEEL group, mainly responsible for the export shipment of plate steel and coil steel. Some products are packed, some are naked. When the goods arrive at destination port, the steel in container is often found being rusted.
       BAOSTEEL’s transportation manager asked us if there is any measure to prevent steel rusting. After full study, we try to use desiccant in containers to keep the cargo dry. We compared several desiccant suppliers and decided to use TopSorb’s products. We felt that TopSorb is professional in moisture-proof solutions and their container desiccants are very impressive. We got to know they have a big quantity of export. Meanwhile, they are servicing for a lot of large companies.
      Up to now, we have used their products for four or five years with satisfaction. It has good performance of moisture-proof. TopSorb’s factory is located in Shanghai, always giving us fast delivery. Especially, they have strong service consciousness and standardized service procedures. We pay special attention to service as we are working in a service industry.
      There were other desiccant suppliers trying to selling products to us. We prefer to stay with TopSorb. For an enterprise as big as BAOSTEEL, any little change, we have to go through a lot of inspection procedures. If a supplier has been accepted, we do not want to change. It is too troublesome.

container desiccant bags container desiccant bags

Products in use:Container Desiccant CARGO GUARD-2000, CARGO GUARD-500
Customer’s concerns: good service, high adsorption, competitive price, fast delivery;
Representative industries: Iron and steel industry, building materials…

Case 2: A well-known international furniture retailer:

      We have factories and stores all over the world. Every day hundreds of containers are shipped from our factories to stores. We have a slogan, “refuse to pay money for shipping air”! Based on this principle, our furniture products are mostly designed in a simple style, knock-down structure and flat packaging. So we can load the containers as much as possible, to maximize the use of container space.
       We have quite a part of the product lines, which are sensitive to moisture and need to use desiccant to prevent mildew. TopSorb product designs do not occupy cargo loading space. It perfectly meets our need. For example, their desiccant strips can be tightly installed in the grooves on the container wall, and their desiccant blanket, which is used to cover the goods, is made in thickness less than 15mm.
       We are now using TopSorb’s products. Its quality and absorption performance are in the same level with the Sweden supplier.We are considering to increase the purchasing quantity from TopSorb.

Products in use:Container Desiccant DRY STRIP-1000, DRY STRIP II-1000
Customer’s concerns: space-save design, outstanding moisture absorption ability
Representative industries: Furniture industry, household products, multinational companies.

      Our group is headquartered in Belgium, originally purchasing desiccants from an European supplier for cargos moisture prevention. Our factories are mainly distributed in Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, South Korea and other regions. The cargo is loaded in these factories. In the past, desiccants were shipped from European supplier to these Asian factories. The price was very high, and shipping period is very long.
       In order to improve reaction speed and system efficiency, in 2009 we contacted two desiccant companies in China. After comprehensive evaluation, we selected TopSorb.TopSorb desiccants have excellent absorption, while much lower price than the European supplier. TopSorb is located in Shanghai. It greatly shortened the delivery period to all Asian factories. TopSorb provides online order tracking system, through which, we can quickly check the current status of orders. It is a good tool to help our supply chain management.
      Now, we have more than 30 factories purchasing from TopSorb.


container desiccant strips container desiccant strips

Products in use:Container Desiccant DRY INSERT-1000
Customer’s concerns: outstanding absorption ability, supply chain efficiency, reducing system cost.
Representative industries: Safety protection products, multinationals.

Case 4: The world famous retailer, Logistics department:

      We visited TopSorb booth at an international logistics trade show. Through communication, we felt that TopSorb is very professional in moisture-proof solutions. Their diverse designs of container desiccants show that they has a deep understanding on container cargo.
       We sell over 300,000 kinds of commodities in global stores. There are very different packing and container loading conditions for different goods. TopSorb’s diverse designs meet our needs well.
       We have a lot of goods with high requirement to moisture-proof. We have assessed TopSorb’s factory on-site. TopSorb has strict in-process management to ensure reliable quality.
      Now we requested quite a number of mainland Chinese suppliers to use TopSorb desiccant products.

Products in use:Container Desiccant DRY INSERT-1000, DRY STRIP II-1000, DRY PASTE-125 Customer’s concerns: Various desiccant design to meet various goods, strict quality management Representative industries: daily necessities, retail industry

Case 5: An agricultural products exporter from Liaoning Province

      “It was a headache problem that agricultural products appearing moldy phenomenon during ocean voyage, especially in rainy season. For this, we suffered from the clients’complaints and serious claims, which caused a huge loss to us.
       Most of the exported products are packaged by woven bags. The bags are stacked and piled, tightly reaching to the container wall, leaving no gap. At the request of customer, we once used silica gel, as well as mineral desiccant. The humidity conditions get some reduced, but not good enough. The moldy problems still happen frequently.
       TopSorb’s manager came to our container loading place, making full communication with the workers and our man and taking photos of loading conditions on the spot. Several days later, TopSorb send us a new product named “ Dry Dragon-250g”, which is specially designed for our cargo conditions.
      We made a test use. The new product is really suitable for our goods. What is more, TopSorb equipped a Humidity Temperature Logger into the container, together with the cargo. The logger recorded one set of data of temperature and humidity every 30 minutes.
      One and half months later, our foreign customers received the shipment and opened the container. The quality of arrived goods remains perfect. They also checked the desiccants absorption conditions. The weight of one piece of desiccant was found close to 1kg and no water leakage! The logger were sent back to output the data to computer. It indicated that the humidity in the container during the ocean voyage was controlled within 60%~65%RH.In the environment under this RH, the grain and agricultural products are very safe, no moldy risk.
      Our customers were very satisfied and requested all of the goods using TOPSORB Dry Grain desiccant.”

Container Desiccant Container Desiccant

Products in use: Container Desiccant DRY GRAIN -250
Customer’s concerns: Excellent absorption capacity, desiccant design suits the cargo conditions.
Representative industries: Food, agricultural products, bulk products ……
NOTE: All the above cases are from TopSorb’s real customers.

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