TopSorb's Mission

TopSorb pays much attention to value principle and team work, each department and each member have full understanding about their responsibilities. Top-Sorb tries to turn this understanding into a sense of mission.
Sales Department: What we sell is not only desiccants, but also moisture-proof solution, we sell freshness and quality. We are defender of customers’ product quality.
International Department: What we attend is not CFL-A, but the WORLD CUP. The name of “CHINA” is printed on our shirt as well as our mind when we enter the field each time. We know the meaning of this name.
Production Department/ Q&C Department: being strict, going deep into details, insistence under pressure, are our working style. If we are loose in quality, we will lose the battle, our soldiers will fall down in the blood.
R&D Department: Good products need no promotion. Our job is changing rifle into bazooka, customers’ needs are the root source of our ideas and product design.
Customer Service Department:Perfect service is one importance reason that our customers choose TopSorb. If we do not provide professional and heart-warming service, Top-Sorb will drift into endless price war.
Purchasing Department:We do not squeeze our suppliers’reasonable margin,meanwhile, we never make compromise on quality requirement. We refuse bribes at any time. It is respect to our suppliers, and also dead redline of Top-Sorb.
Financial Department:We take the responsibility that, not only ensure Top-Sorb’s cash flow, but also ensure our suppliers having reasonable cash flow.

TOPSORB's Career

Facilities construction

1. In 2004, TopSorb built its own manufacturing base of bentonite mine in Mongolia.
2. In early 2005, TopSorb built modern laboratory with comprehensive precise instruments.
3. In 2005, TopSorb built packaging production line of clay desiccants and mineral desiccants.
4. In 2006, TopSorb built advanced production line of HIC (humidity indicator card) .
5. In 2006, TopSorb built powerful production line of CaCl2 based Dry Series container desiccants.
6. In later 2006, TopSorb set up its branch in Hong Kong.

Brand strategy

1. Since 2005, under the brand of TOPSORB, we developed series of sub-brands to different markets.
2. From 2005, TopSorb set up the strategy that mastering the key technology to ensure continuable R&D development. We invested heavily to develop new products and applying patent for our star products.
3. Since 2006, TopSorb began to attend domestic and international trade shows to expand business and brand influence.
4. From 2009, we began to pay heavily to invite famous brand expert as consultant to help our brand construction and development.
5. In later 2009, TopSorb introduced a CIS marking system.


1. In 2005, TopSorb launched online order tracking system for export orders.
2. From 2005, TopSorb began to post product information via GOOGLE, BAIDU, ALIBABA for online marketing.
3. In 2008, TopSorb began to use customer management system to improve the service level and unify the service flow.
4. In early 2012, TopSorb launched online order management system for domestic orders.

Learning organization & team building

1. From 2005, TopSorb started the tradition of weekly sales meeting to exchange and share sales experiences and skills.
2. From 2006, TopSorb started the tradition to raise celebration activities when TopSorb enters the market of a new country.
3. Since 2010, TopSorb invested heavily to build full-equipped training classroom and training courses in order to improve our team quality. Every week, TopSorb provides high quality training courses, including marketing, brand construction, project management, Q.C, 5S method, R&D management by inviting experts and consultants.
4. In 2010, TopSorb built its own library with thousands of books and readings. All TopSorb’s employees can borrow books freely.

Investor relationship:

In 2009, United Ports Group invested TOPSORB and became strategic shareholder.

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